According to Japanese Men, Here’s The Least Liked Female Cosplay Styles

least liked female cosplay

Not that cosplaying women need to know or care about which styles men prefer, but rather to go deep into the mind of Japanese men and their cosplay preferences.

The Japanese Man Who Loves and Lives with His 17 Dolls

japanese man living with dolls

Rejection hurts, which is one of the reasons people in Japan are turning to, um, plastic alternatives when regarding the realm of love. Meet Hiroyuki, the Japanese man who lives with 17 dolls.

Japan Is Really Struggling to Live with Their Giant Snorlax Cushions

giant snorlax cushion

Japan’s giant cushions are really wonderful things. They’re like the more cuddly version of beanbags with familiar faces. However Japanese homes are rather tight, meaning living with your giant Snorlax cushion isn’t going to be easy.

Cute Japanese Hamster Meets Super Mario Bros. Course Level 1, Succeeds

hamster super mario bros.

Other than those tiny, yappy dogs, Japan’s favorite small pet is likely the hamster. That said, Japanese hamsters get a lot of attention, such as receiving a custom hamster Super Mario Bros. course to complete in record time.

Getting My Ears Licked ! Weird Japanese Anime ASMR

weird Japanese ASMR

I may have done stranger things than this, but not recently enough to remember when… Enjoy watching myself suffer through ear licking Japanese ASMR!

Cosplayers & Beauty Seekers, Shove This Up Your Nose for Incision-less Plastic Surgery

japanese nose slimmer

Some cosplayers like to try and perfect the character that they are portraying. Perfectly matched hair, outfit, contacts, mannerisms, and even nose. Well, here’s a little doohickey you can shove up those nostrils for a different appeal, cosplay or not.

Sailor Moon Earrings Make For Incredibly Fashionable Ears

sailor moon earrings

Sailor Moon has more merchandise than there are people in this universe. Of course there is practically no truth in that statement, however there is a plenty, but it doesn’t get old. Check out these new bag charm Sailor Moon earrings after the jump.