Thoughts and Prayers for Japanese Pop Star Mayu Tomita After Being Stabbed Over Two Dozen Times From Insane Fan

mayu tomita stabbed

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mayu Tomita who is in the hospital after being stabbed repeatedly during a fan gathering event.

The Most Annoying Online Posts Japanese Celebrities Make

most annoying things japanese people post online

Finally, a survey that lists some of the annoying things that celebs, as opposed to normies post online to their social accounts. Perhaps this list will break some of the bad habits, but probably not…

Japan’s Shinjuku Station Gets World’s Biggest Chalkboard Art Mural

world's biggest chalkboard art mural

Japan’s Shinjuku Station is the ultimate hotspot for all things in the department of large-scale advertising. This month we’ve been given the world’s biggest chalkboard art mural, all in the name of Dragon Quest.

Decent Chunk of Japan Could Care Less About Bikini Space Girls & Pugs, Others Still Prefer Playstation VR

japan's favorite virtual reality system

Virtual reality is still exploding all across the globe with a variety of companies, such as Sony’s Playstation, Oculus, Microsoft, Apple, and even phone companies jumping on the bandwagon. Oddly enough, that said, Japan, the epicenter of technology, surprisingly still has a chunk of non-convinced users.

Featured Cosplayer: Koumori No Hime Cosplay

submit my cosplay koumori no hime

Come and say hello to our wonderful and newest featured cosplayer, the lovely Koumori No Hime Cosplay!

Japan Turning Objects & People Into Fries for Mcdonalds Gold Fry Reward

japanese gold fries mcdonalds

Japan is Japan. That said, they don’t need an excuse to do wild, wacky, and awesome things that we wish our countries would do. Nonetheless, Mcdonalds Japan is giving an excuse for such antics, which is a carton of gold fries…

Book Review & Giveaway – Japaneseness, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding What it Means to be Japanese

japaneseness review

Japan is a culture that is deep-rooted in history and tradition, one that remains quite persistent to this day. Despite the country’s embrace and obsession with technology, Japan’s culture and lifestyle system continues to sustain itself, keeping in line with their “Japaneseness”.