The Totoro Swimsuit That Everyone is Curious About is Available Online

totoro swimsuit

My theory is that the only people who don’t like Totoro are those who haven’t seen his film. That said, let’s put Totoro’s face on everything imaginable, including a Totoro swimsuit, no?

Tokyo Japan’s Mud Bar is for Filthy Drinkers, Literally

japanese mud bar

With all-time high stress levels from a hardcore workforce, Japan has a bar for just about anything, which is not limited to mud bathing.

Anime Fans Name Top 20 Female Vocalist Anime Songs

top 20 anisongs

I can honestly say that while anime intros and outros may have little to do with the quality of a show, they do however strangely have an impact on it. The otakus have spoken, giving us the list of the top 20 anisongs done by female vocalists.

Adorable New Unofficial Totoro Gifs for That Friday Feeling

super cute totoro gifIt’s Friday dudes, so unless you work over the weekend, (I’m really sorry if you do) your mind and body are probably about to explode as mine is. That said, let us indulge in perhaps the cutest Totoro gifs to get that weekend vibe going, shall we?

The Official Pikachu Song is Coming and It’s, Well, Super Repetitive

pikachu's song

Pokemon XY & Z is getting the first ever ending theme song to use a Pokemon’s vocal talents. However the most famous electric Pokemon behind the tune will be using his very limited vocabulary.

Tokyo’s New Science Ninja Exhibition Actually Looks Pretty Nifty

miraikain tokyo's ninja exhibition

I used to think ninjas were just overrated in the western world and had left the mainstream scene in Japan many moons ago. I was wrong. Ninjas continue to dominate Japan’s modern interests, so say hello to Tokyo’s Ninja Exhibition.

Questionable Japanese Politician Wants To Turn Tokyo Into “Anime Land”

yuriko koike anime

Don’t you love it when folks who are least expected to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as anime make comments on things you would never imagine? That’s exactly what Japan’s running female Governor just did.