Make Way for Japan’s Two New Ghostbuster Burgers

japan's ghostbuster burgers

Looks like we’ve got some more interesting news from the world of Ghostbusters, or at least Japan’s world of Ghostbusters, which is apparently far more awesome… Say hello to Japan’s Ghostbuster Burgers!!

The Tokyo Museum of Sewage is Pretty Fancy, Not for the Faint of Nose

Tokyo Museum of Sewage weird japan

It really seems that Japan, particularly Tokyo, has a museum for just about everything. Some of which, I’d rather just pass on, perhaps like the Tokyo Museum of Sewage.

Yep, There’s Now a Japanese Ghostbusters Music Video

japanese ghostbusters video

I’m not going to get involved into the whole Ghostbuster reboot controversy, however I will provide you with some Japanese ladies giving their own take of the film via music video. Oh yes, a Japanese Ghostbusters video to settle us all down.

Don’t Run, Japanese Ice Cream Burger Sounds Awful Yet Tastes Delicious

japan's ice cream burger

Don’t walk away just yet, give¬†this Japanese ice cream¬†burger a fighting chance to swoon your tastebuds!

Microsoft Japan Isn’t Throwing in The Towel for Xbox, Gives Girls Only Party

xbox japan girls party

Xbox Japan has sadly been suffering heavily to make it into the market for various reasons, but they ain’t going out like no punk b…

Kyoto’s Shimogamo Shrine Is Opening at Night for Magical Light Festival

shimogamo light festival

Kyoto’s Shimogamo shrine is already quite a lovely destination, but now that the night curfew is being removed and a night light festival put in place, I’m all eyes and ears.

Palma Plays Crush Crush, Learns the Struggles of an Anime Harem Lifestyle

let's play crush crush

I saw an anime recommendation for sim dating game Crush Crush and I thought I would share it with all of you. In other words, enjoy my horrid attempts at Youtube gaming!